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Technical Support

As an IT company, you want to focus on the software, hardware and mechanical parts of the industry, but phone calls are a part of the world when you’re dealing with customers. You might be promoting an online interaction with many consumers, but there are times when they want to talk to a live person on the phone.

Professional Operators

As IT people, your company might not be all that great at answering customer inquiries. Using a professional service like Office Sense to answer your customer calls can mean the difference between losing customers and impressing them with your professionalism. Your staff might be well-versed in how to handle IT problems, but they have to be great when dealing with customers too. We can bridge the gap between your expertise and ours by providing services when your technicians are busy or dealing with other issues.

Advantages of Having an Answering Service

It seems like everyday another competitor is forming a company. When you give yourself the advantage of added professional services, you won’t miss any phone calls, and the calls you get will be answered with courteous, personable staff. You’ll be ahead of your competition too.

We’ll work with your needs to find a solution that works for your IT business. It’ll be customized for your company and provide exactly what you need for services. It can include an answering service, 24 hour bilingual operators and message taking or call routing. You’ll let us know what your needs are, and our team will provide you with that exact service.

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What are you waiting for? Monthly plans
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