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Who We Are and How We Got Started

Commercial plane taking off against blue skyOffice Sense started when the founders shared a plane ride back from a consulting job for a mutual client.

As they were talking about what their client was doing and how it could be expanded, they realized that they would be excellent business partners. They each could bring a set of unique, yet complementary skills to the partnership while sharing a commitment to excellence as well as other core values that included prioritizing people and knowing the value of the human touch in the world of business.

Office Sense was started and has been going strong ever since. The founders love every aspect of the business: selecting and training team members, coming up with innovative solutions for clients, and getting to know their clients’ businesses as if those businesses were their own.

That might very well be the secret to Office Sense’s continued growth and success. At the heart of the business is a feeling that every action, every phone call, every conversation matters. It’s not just about messages and efficiency, it’s about businesses growing and thriving together. A well-functioning business is good for the economy, for the people who work there, for the people they work for, and for everyone’s families. Every business is the epicenter of a network of people who depend on it. Office Sense understands that business at its core, is about people.

Everyone who works at Office Sense takes pride in the service they provide to clients. This friendliness and commitment to excellence place Office Sense in a class of its own.

What Do We Look For In Our Team Members?

Every person is different, but there are a few qualities that we look for when adding members to the team.

  • We want members who speak English and Spanish fluently. This is, of course, very important since our business depends on providing a fully bilingual service.
  • Our team members must be responsible, consistent and detail-oriented. When people are responsible and consistent, the whole team builds a sense of mutual trust and respect.
  • We look for team members who are empathic. Being able to put yourself in someone’s shoes and understand what they might be feeling is important in this work.
  • Our team members are good listeners. Obviously, if your sole mode of communication is the phone, you have to be good at listening and rephrasing. The details make the difference.
  • General People Skills. This goes hand-in-hand with empathy but it’s a little different. This is about being able to sense when someone wants to connect with you or when they are in a hurry and just want the job done. Do you give a little or do you hold back? This is not something that one can teach—rather it’s an innate trait and we screen for that.

How We Train Our People

All of potential Office Sense Team Members undergo two weeks of rigorous Office Sense Training. This includes instructor-led classes, self-study, as well as agent shadowing followed by practical hands-on review training.  This is followed up by ongoing Quality Assurance and further skills training.

Only the top candidates with the highest marks and best results are hired as Office Sense Team Members. Considering the rigorous training schedule and the very high standards we expect from all our staff, not every applicant is a suitable candidate for a position with Office Sense. It is perhaps one in ten candidates that eventually join The Office Sense Team as full-time employees.

All our agents work on-site and under direct supervision where needed.  We do not employ free-lance or “work-at-home” agents. Our call centers are all owned by Office Sense and operated by our own trained and dedicated personnel. We do not outsource at all.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We strive to offer dependable and reliable service using the most advanced and trusted technology available. Our 24/7 call centers strive to be the best from design to implementation with a goal of 99.999% uptime.

The heart of our system is securely collocated in a Tier IV Enterprise Class Data Center, comprised of Military-Grade Security, 100% Cisco Powered Network, Redundant Electrical and HVAC, UPS and Generator backup systems to ensure optimal uptime.

Unlike other call centers, Office Sense has invested in an in-house, highly trained IT staff who are available at all hours for any eventuality as well as proactive monitoring 24/7.

Constant upgrades in both our hardware and software enable our staff to provide you, the customer, with the best possible technology which results in the best possible service.

Based in Miami, FL our three locations ensure a dedicated 24/7 service to all our customers, no matter where they are situated.

All Office Sense call centers are privately owned by ourselves and staffed by a dedicated and well-trained team of highly professional assistants. By investing in our business and staff, we ensure a conducive and happy work environment resulting in a dedicated team committed to providing the best possible service for all our customers.

Our Culture: Why Do Our Team Members Love Coming To Work Every Day?

Beautiful young lady talking on headset at call center office

We Provide a Comfortable Environment

We choose our offices to be central so that it’s easy for people to travel to work and so that they are close to shops and restaurants. We make sure that the office is comfortable with good lighting and comfortable seating. We have a homey kitchen and a break room for our staff so they can relax completely during breaks.

Competitive Pay

We provide competitive remuneration and also generous bonuses. We value our employees and want to keep them happy.

Room for Growth

We’re a growing company with plenty of opportunities for career advancement including training, and management. We believe in growing together and nurturing people’s talents.

Part of a Team

When people work at OfficeSense they feel part of a team, and that is because we believe in putting our staff members first. A company is only as good as its employees. We recruit the best and treat them the best so we can all grow together. Good for them = good for us = good for our clients.

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  • My experience with Office Sense and the whole staff has been exceptional. We have an online subscription business model, in a “card not present environment” we have hundreds of transactions daily that flow through our system. Not only does Office Sense offer our members excellent customer service they have minimized our chargebacks and put more money back in our business. Thank you to the entire staff!

    Salima S.
    Salima S.
  • We never imagined that using an answering service could be so good for business. We’ve been able to grow month over month while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction. You are truly a partner that we can grow with. Starry Road Catering.

    Louise H.
    Louise H.
  • Office Sense has truly transformed my work-life. As a real estate agent, I now have more time for my clients and myself because Office Sense takes care of appointment scheduling, message taking and lead qualification while I get to focus on my current and “good fit” potential clients.

    Christina S.
    Christina S.

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