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A Service for Every Kind of Legal Practice

The legal field consists of many different kinds of law practices. Office Sense can help your legal practice regardless of its area of specialization.  These are just some of the legal specializations that we have helped through our services:

  • Family Law Practices
  • Criminal Defense Law Practices
  • Intellectual Property Law Practices
  • Traffic Lawyers
  • Personal Injury Practices
  • Bankruptcy Practices
  • Civil Litigation Practices
  • Real Estate Law Practices
  • And more…

For benefits on a how an answering service can benefit Legal Firms download  free cheat sheet below

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Small and Large Practices

If you are a small practice you might not have the staff needed to answer after-hours calls or have someone who can reliably take messages when you are otherwise occupied. When you are a large practice, things can get so busy that your staff may not be able to handle the high call volume during unexpectedly busy times.

Allow Office Sense to fill in when your regular receptionist is out or can’t work. If you have a large practice, let us handle your after-hours calls. We can make appointments, route calls, transfer urgent calls and with your guidance be able to determine what constitutes an emergency, and what can be dealt with the following day. Office Sense makes sense for small and large law practices.

If you have a large practice let us handle your after-hours calls, make appointments, act as a switchboard, route calls, transfer urgent calls and with your guidance determine what constitutes an emergency, and what can be dealt with the following day. Office Sense makes sense for small and large law practices.

Services We Provide

  • We can provide you with live, fully bilingual call answering service
  • We can answer your phones 24/7
  • We take messages
  • We schedule appointments
  • We can do live translation during your calls
  • We route calls
  • We can handle multiple calls at once and act as a switchboard
  • We can handle urgent calls
  • We can route calls appropriately

What You Get

Using our expertly trained, fully bilingual, highly professional staff  will help your legal practice focus in the following ways:

  • You can stop worrying about losing leads
  • After hours calls are always answered and handled in the way you specify
  • Urgent calls are routed to you or whoever is on call
  • During business hours you can focus on the work you need to do without worrying about what you might miss if you choose not to pick up the phone
  • When you are court or in meetings with clients, you won’t have to deal with a backlog of voicemails when you are done. Appointments will be scheduled, messages taken, and urgent calls routed.

Back-Up At All Times

Whether your admin staff is out sick or on vacation, you won’t have the stress of finding a replacement and training them for a short duration. Simply use Office Sense to help answer your calls when you need it. We are your backup plan so you never need to stress about unexpected staff absences.

Providing the Human Touch

Your clients have to feel like they’re important to your practice. Legal matters often carry an emotional component too.  By using a live answering service, instead of sending clients to voicemail, you make your clients feel heard and valued by letting them speak to a person who is well-trained, empathic and professional.

Some of the Practices in the Legal Industry that We Serve:


  • My experience with Office Sense and the whole staff has been exceptional. We have an online subscription business model, in a “card not present environment” we have hundreds of transactions daily that flow through our system. Not only does Office Sense offer our members excellent customer service they have minimized our chargebacks and put more money back in our business. Thank you to the entire staff!

    Salima S.
    Salima S.
  • We never imagined that using an answering service could be so good for business. We’ve been able to grow month over month while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction. You are truly a partner that we can grow with. Starry Road Catering.

    Louise H.
    Louise H.
  • Office Sense has truly transformed my work-life. As a real estate agent, I now have more time for my clients and myself because Office Sense takes care of appointment scheduling, message taking and lead qualification while I get to focus on my current and “good fit” potential clients.

    Christina S.
    Christina S.

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