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Professional and Compassionate

Those who work in the medical field know that you need a professional, yet empathic approach in everything that you do that involves patients. Office Sense provides call answering and virtual receptionist services by team members who have been fully trained to deal with the variety of calls that medical practices receive.

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You Pick Your Plan

You decide what level of support you need, and we follow your instructions on how to handle each call that comes in for you. For example, if a patient is only calling for information about your healthcare practice, Office Sense can answer the most common questions such as hours, location, etc. If they want to schedule or change an appointment, we can do that. If they need to speak to someone urgently, we can transfer them to the on-call person.

  • Our fully bilingual, expertly trained, live operators can answer incoming calls 24/7.
  • We take messages, route calls, transfer calls and schedule appointments as needed. Call overflow is never an issue.
  • When multiple calls come in first thing in the morning, we can help by attending to every call that comes in in real time.
  • We improve patient service and satisfaction, increase your staff’s productivity by freeing them up to attend to the tasks only they can perform, and reduce your costs.

What You Can Expect From Our Answering Services and Virtual Receptionists

Office Sense services are client-based and patient-driven to help you streamline your healthcare practice regardless of its size.

  • As a client, you set the pace and the preferences as you need them. You tell us what you want and how you want to handle your calls.
  • Live, fully bilingual operators will take any medical or health-related calls or inquiries.
  • We handle urgent or emergency calls according to your specifications.

Give your patients and staff peace of mind.  Knowing that calls are answered when you unable to provides the best possible service to your patients.

Wide Choice of Solutions For Your Professional Needs

Whatever your health-related platform, we have the plan and pricing that is best suited for your environment. As health-related services and providers grow or merge with other practices, your service level with us can be adjusted accordingly.

Because we are both client and patient-driven, we focus on providing solutions that improve operational efficiency, streamline the billing process, reduce overhead, save the staff time, consolidate data capturing and present the right environment to increase productivity. Moreover, we offer consistently positive experiences for patients and healthcare practitioners alike.

Office Sense For All Your Healthcare Practice Needs

Put an end to the stress of not knowing if your calls are being handled properly when staff is out sick or unavailable or when call volume is high. Take your practice to the next level today with Office Sense!

Some of the Practices in the Medical Field that We Serve:


  • My experience with Office Sense and the whole staff has been exceptional. We have an online subscription business model, in a “card not present environment” we have hundreds of transactions daily that flow through our system. Not only does Office Sense offer our members excellent customer service they have minimized our chargebacks and put more money back in our business. Thank you to the entire staff!

    Salima S.
    Salima S.
  • We never imagined that using an answering service could be so good for business. We’ve been able to grow month over month while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction. You are truly a partner that we can grow with. Starry Road Catering.

    Louise H.
    Louise H.
  • Office Sense has truly transformed my work-life. As a real estate agent, I now have more time for my clients and myself because Office Sense takes care of appointment scheduling, message taking and lead qualification while I get to focus on my current and “good fit” potential clients.

    Christina S.
    Christina S.

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