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Accountants help individuals, business owners, and corporations prepare themselves for financial success. They handle transactions that involve money like auditing, preparing reports, or paying taxes in a timely manner. Accounting firms can get incredibly busy, especially around tax season, which means they may need to bring in reliable help to keep everything running smoothly.

Where we can help you succeed:

  • Provide personalized service for your clients
  • Take messages in a professional manner
  • Transfer calls to the correct party
  • Make appointments for potential and current clients

Call Answering and Message Relay

For your accounting firm, Office Sense can pick up the overflow of calls that can’t be handled by your busy staff. This is especially vital during the time of year when accountants are slammed with clients’ work.

We’ll answer the phone in a professional manner based on how you’ve asked us to deal with your clients. We’ll relay messages in a timely manner by fax, text or email, so you can call back clients at your convenience.

Appointment Setting

You can give us access to your schedule and calendar, which allows us to add clients at any time. This lets you focus on parts of your business that need your presence like meetings and client work.

Call Routing

Using specifications you’ve given during our initial meeting, we’ll answer your phones and transfer calls to the correct party in your office. We’ll act as a virtual switchboard for your business while taking messages and dealing with your clients in a professional way.

The Benefits of Office Sense

Office Sense is one of the easiest ways to improve your client and staff satisfaction and increase efficiency. Our comprehensive services are month-to-month and offer you peace-of-mind knowing your client needs are taken care of whenever they arise.

  • We can handle your callsĀ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • We can provide live translation during calls.
  • All of our call answering agents are fully bilingual and can provide assistance in English and Spanish.
  • Message taking is just the first layer of what we can do for you. Read on to see how we add value to your business.
  • We can schedule appointments with access to your calendar.
  • We can do live transfer of calls to your mobile phone so you never miss an important call no matter where you are.
  • Our agents are carefully trained to discern whether a call isĀ routine or urgent and take appropriate action.
  • With excellent listening skills and attention to detail, our agents take down messages accurately and deliver them in the specified format every time.
  • Let Office Sense be the calm, soothing, professional voice your clients hear.

With virtual receptionist services from Office Sense, you’ll spend less money because you won’t need a full-time employee to cover overflow.

You’ll be able to contract with us only when you absolutely need to have the coverage.

In the long run, you’ll save the costs associated with employees like vacation days, sick days and personal time as well as other benefits.

Office Sense brings a personalized service to your company. Consider us an extension of your business. We pride ourselves on providing you and your clients with exceptional service and helping you streamline your business.

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What are you waiting for? Monthly plans
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