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Reception benefits for attorneys The Benefits of Virtual Receptionist Services for Attorneys

If you are an attorney and you are either practicing solo or part of a small practice, then you know how important it is to make sure that you present yourself professionally.

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Part of that comes down to having a receptionist on hand to answer the phone—potential clients do not want to have their calls go straight to voicemail. They are likely to call a different practice until they get through to a person who can answer questions, make appointments, and accomplish similar tasks. It’s not worth the time for a lawyer to work as a receptionist, but full-time receptionists can be expensive.

The solution is something that many lawyers might never have heard of—the virtual receptionist. Virtual does not mean that they are computer software. It means they are not physically present in the office, and they connect to the phone and computer system remotely. A virtual receptionist for a law office can provide a baseline service—the company providing the service ensures that someone is always available to answer your phones, take messages, schedule appointments, route calls and take care of urgent calls in the manner you have specified. Law firms can get a lot of value from having a virtual answering service.

There are many benefits to using such a service. First of all, they save money over having a full-time receptionist while covering more hours of the day. They can give an office the same professionalism that a traditional receptionist would.

This makes them a great choice for small firms that don’t have the space and resources for a full-time receptionist.

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