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catering foodBetween graduations, weddings, ceremonies, parties, and corporate events, the need for catering is year-round. There’s very little down time when you have to have planning meetings with customers, food preparation, transportation, set-up and tear-down, and cleaning. Order Entry and Message Taking, from Office Sense, can help your catering business with receiving orders and answering any and all questions dealing with your business. When you provide us with the information to use – menus, substitutions, and delivery times – your customers will be confident and excited to work with your business and taste your delicious product!

Order Entry

Once the customer has decided the details of the event, menus, delivery times, they’ll need to place an order. You don’t need to be hands-on with this process. A team dedicated to your catering company will be able to take orders and answer any questions about your food and other services when the customer places an order. A free local number is available for customers in your location. You can find out more here regarding order entry.

Message Taking

Many customers who want catering will make inquiries before placing their orders. Between the food preparation, delivery, and set-up and tear-down, where do you find the time to take messages, answer questions and schedule meetings with customers? You’ll need a message taking service that can also coordinate your schedule for customer meetings. Find out more here regarding message taking for your catering company.

Spanish and English

You don’t have to lose out on business because you don’t have someone to answer questions and inquiries in Spanish as well as English. At Office Sense, there are bilingual operators who can take orders and answer questions. Once the orders are taken or questions answered, the operators can give you all your messages live. You can ask clarifying questions of the team if needed, which can’t be done when messages are emailed to you. See more here about bilingual operators.

Being glued to the phone is not somewhere you want to be when there is so much more for you to be doing. With order entry and message taking, Office Sense can function as an integral part of your catering team.

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