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Churches are places of spiritual restoration, but anyone involved in the administration of a church knows that creating that spiritual sanctuary for members requires tremendous effort and organization. Churches often rely on volunteers to help with the multitude of tasks. But even with a staff of admin and volunteers, you know that not everyone can be everywhere at all times and the needs of parishioners don’t follow business hours.

That is why having a call answering service makes good sense for churches. It is a way to get the work done without overtaxing staff and volunteers while providing parishioners with the peace of mind that if they need you, you are there.

Office Sense Understands the Unique Needs of Churches

  • When you partner with us, we make sure that you are covered for the general as well as the specific situations that you might need our help with.
  • We take the time to understand your situation and we make sure that we tailor our service to provide you with value and peace of mind.
  • Below are just a few examples of how a call answering service can be of benefit to your church.
Message Taking, Call Rerouting, Urgent Calls

Not all calls require urgent action, but some do. Our agents are trained to distinguish between calls that need a simple message taken, calls that need to be forwarded, and calls that require more urgent attention.

When you partner with Office Sense, you have the peace of mind that when the phone rings a real person will answer and handle the call according to your instructions in a friendly, professional and compassionate way.

Appointment Scheduling

People need to book appointments with church officials for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s to make arrangements for weddings, funerals or baptisms, or to seek spiritual counsel and a legion of other reasons. Our call answering service agents can schedule appointments for the more day-to-day matters.

Disasters or Crises

During times of crises or disaster, people turn to their place of worship for help.  You might not be able to handle the call volume on your own, but with Office Sense as your trusted partner you know you are not alone in providing help and, what’s more, your parishioners know that they are not alone either.

There are no substitutes for a human voice in a time of crisis.

Benefits of Using Office Sense:

Connect to a Real Person, Every Time

There is nothing worse than getting a voicemail recording if you are in the middle of a crisis. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for, often, part-time church staff to personally answer every phone call. With an answering service, church staff can be assured that all calls coming in will be connected to a real person. All our staff are professionally trained and instructed to handle calls according to your specifications.

Our fantastic services include:

  • Urgent Call Answering – we address each emergency exactly as instructed and make sure the correct person is contacted immediately
  • 24 Hour Answering – callers will be connected with a real person every single time, no matter the time of day or night
  • Message Taking – we help you prioritize your time by taking detailed messages
  • Bilingual Call Answering – we always have staff that can communicate in both Spanish and English available to take calls
Keep the Church Office Running Smoothly

Our services go far beyond handling urgent calls and taking and transferring messages. Just think of an answering service as your virtual receptionist. Simply give us a login to your online calendar and we can easily:

  • Create appointments that sync with your schedule
  • Modify or confirm appointments at your request
  • Provide callers with basic information about upcoming scheduled events

If you are a church with a full calendar and struggling to handle constant calls effectively, choose Office Sense today.

Give Office Sense a Try Today!What are you waiting for? Monthly plans starting at $79. No contract required.

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Give Office Sense a Try Today!

What are you waiting for? Monthly plans
starting at $79. No contract required.

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