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Direct Sales

direct salesWhether you have a part-time direct sales position or want to move into full-time, you’ll need to make sure you’re available to your customers by phone. If you want to grow your business to actually make a full-time living, you can’t miss any phone calls. Often, you’ll host shows for your products and you might get calls for orders afterwards. It’s a fact these days: people just don’t leave voicemails. You don’t have to lose an order because you can’t answer the phone.

24-Hour Call Answering

When you’ve left a catalog with your customers, they’ll be able to look at it at their leisure. You can differentiate yourself from your competition by having the ability to take orders any time of the day or night. When they can’t sleep at 2am, you’ll be the one to benefit as they place orders with your team of operators. You could literally wake up to find that our team has made you money while you were sleeping. To find out more, click here.

Order Entry and Order Management

You can’t be everywhere at the same time. For direct sales, you want to be in front of your audience to make an impression and make sales. It’s your personality that will get them to buy the products. We can provide the order entry and order management after you’ve given them an exciting show.

Lead Capture

After an amazing show, potential customers could still have questions about your product. Inbound calls are answered professionally and with the goal of helping you generate sales. When you tell us how to handle your leads, you’ll be able to increase your sales by leaps and bounds. Unanswered calls or emails mean a loss of sales, which you don’t want to have happen in your business. See more here on our lead capture page.

Spanish and English

You want to be able to cater to all your potential customers. You don’t have to speak Spanish to benefit from bilingual operators. They can take a call from a Spanish-speaking customer and send you the order in English. Customers might share their catalog with other people at work or in their family. This is a huge benefit to you. See more of our bilingual answering services here.

If you need a team to take your orders, contact Office Sense to see how we can help.

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