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Doctors Who Practice in Multiple Locations

Doctors who don’t practice in a specific office are among some of the busiest medical professionals. Instead of examining patients in a single location, they are practicing their craft out in the field, driving to nursing homes or rehabilitation centers and sometimes even providing crucial care to people in their homes. Taking care of phone calls, messages and appointments require help during and after office hours.

Office Sense has helped many doctors who are not based in a single office with all their call answering, appointments scheduling, urgent calls and message taking services.

Here are just some of the ways your practice can thrive:

  • Important message-taking to help you get information fast.
  • 24-Hour answering to assist your patients during off hours.
  • Bilingual call answering to help you serve more people.


Office Sense is the perfect solution for doctors on the go. Whether you are working closely with patients in their homes or going from hospital to hospital, our call answering services are here to help.

The Benefits of Office Sense

Office Sense is one of the easiest ways to improve your patient satisfaction and increase efficiency. Just because you don’t have a traditional office, doesn’t mean you should lose out on the value that a traditional receptionist would bring to your office. Our comprehensive services are month-to-month and offer you peace-of-mind knowing your patients can be cared for over the phone.

  • We can handle your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • We can provide live translation during calls.
  • All of our call answering agents are fully bilingual and can provide assistance in English and Spanish.
  • Message taking is just the first layer of what we can do for you. Read on to see how we add value to the practices of physicians just like you.
  • We can schedule appointments with access to your calendar.
  • We can do live transfer of calls to your mobile phone so you never miss an important call no matter where you are.
  • Our agents are carefully trained to discern whether a call is routine or urgent and take appropriate action.
  • With excellent listening skills and attention to detail, our agents take down messages accurately and deliver them in the specified format every time.
  • Let Office Sense be the calm, soothing, professional voice your patients hear.

Choosing the Right Answering Services

Office Sense offers a wide range of services that can help doctors in unique situations. Affordable plans allow you to pick the services that matter the most  to you. This makes our service adjustable to your needs.

One thing that sets Office Sense apart from others is our intense employee training. You don’t want to risk someone misguiding a patient in a sensitive situation.

We pay close attention to make sure your patients are always getting the care they need. Our dedicated team members work hard to make sure they know every aspect of your services and follow all your instructions as closely as possible.

Office Sense Can Help

Office Sense is one of the most trusted names in 24-hour answering services because of our upfront pricing, dedication, and range of services. Our goal is to help save you time so you can focus more on your patients. With our assistance, we can help handle some of the receptionist tasks you would normally complete in an office.

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What are you waiting for? Monthly plans
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