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When customers call your company after hours, they are often plagued with the same problems. In the IT business, it’s often a problem with their computers or a piece of software. When products do not work as they should frustration mounts. Having to speak to a machine might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Can you afford a negative review or losing a customer? With Office Sense, you don’t have to. Our trained call answering service agents can skillfully, kindly and efficiently direct all calls that may come in.
Urgent Call Answering
An upset customer isn’t great for business, but if you have a live person to answer your phones you’ll have an opportunity to regain your customer or client’s trust. They won’t be left frustrated with a computer or software issue.
A customer doesn’t care that your office is closed for the day. A frustrated, angry customer wants resolutions immediately. When you partner with Office Sense we work together to figure out the best method to resolve your customer’s problem and soothe them until your office reopens or someone with technical expertise can attend to their problem.
24-Hour Answering Service
Angry, frustrated customers want to talk to a live person. They don’t want to leave a voice mail or send an email that isn’t responded to immediately. As a business owner, you can’t be tied to your phone all day and night. Your office staff can’t either. The cost of that is prohibitive unless you are a very large business that can afford to employ people on a rotating shift basis. When a call answering service handles your business during off-hours, your customers are getting the answers they need. That’s vital for keeping them happy and helping them remain a customer. Read more here about 24-hour call answering.
Call Routing and Transfer Service
The Office Sense call answering service agents assigned to your company will handle each call in exactly the manner you would like. They’ll answer your phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and route important calls directly to a representative from your company when required.
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