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Large Law Firms

Large law firms are comprised of multiple attorneys who handle legal cases and concerns for business clients or individuals.

  • Clients call the office to inquire about services before retaining an attorney.
  • Attorneys must set up appointments to meet with clients.
  • The law firm may receive urgent calls from clients in legal emergencies.
  • Attorneys may spend much of their time in court or meeting with clients, and assistants bear responsibilities for clerical work and organization.

Large law firms are busy organizations that field constant calls from clients and other attorneys. Office Sense can provide a helping hand.

The Benefits of Office Sense

  • We can handle your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • We can provide live translation during calls.
  • All of our call answering agents are fully bilingual and can provide assistance in English and Spanish.
  • Message taking is just the first layer of what we can do for you. Read on to see how we add value to legal practices just like yours.
  • We can schedule appointments with access to your calendar.
  • We can do live transfer of calls to mobile phones so you never miss an important call no matter where you are.
  • Our agents and virtual receptionists are carefully trained to discern whether a call is routine or urgent and take appropriate action.
  • With excellent listening skills and attention to detail, our agents take down messages accurately and deliver them in the specified format every time.
  • Let Office Sense be the calm, soothing, professional voice your clients hear.

Although large firms typically have office staff, high call volume can interfere with other responsibilities. When Office Sense handles your firm’s phone communication, the staff can focus on administrative work and client services.

Choosing the Right Answering Service

Office Sense’s virtual receptionists are trained to assess the situation when calls come in and respond accordingly.

Office Sense Can Help

Large law firms handle legal situations for a number of clients. With multiple attorneys under one roof, the call volume can be excessive. With Office Sense, a live virtual receptionist answers each call so staff can focus on other responsibilities.

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