Power Finally Restored to the Outer Banks

North Carolina made national news this past week when a contractor mistakenly drove a steel pylon through two power transmission lines during bridge construction thereby disrupting power to the seven towns on the Outer Banks. Residents and business owners were without power for almost a week and the revenue loss to local businesses counts in the millions.

We are so accustomed to things working as they should that we often do not have a plan in place for when the unforeseen happens.

At Office Sense, we provide a critical back-up in times of man-made and natural disasters.

Before the storm.
Before the evacuation.
Before the power outage.

What do you need to do to minimize loss?

  • Do you have your important documents in a safe place?
  • Do you keep your car fueled?
  • Do you know the phone numbers of loved ones or have them written down (these days many people rely on their cell phones and don’t see the point of memorizing numbers, but when you have no cell signal, who are you going to call?)
  • Do you have a call answering service that can answer client calls when you can’t?

Take some time today to put your emergency plans in place so that you may have peace-of-mind later.

Call Office Sense if your business relies on current and potential clients being able to reach you.

And then check out the emergency preparedness list created by the government here.

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  • My experience with Office Sense and the whole staff has been exceptional. We have an online subscription business model, in a “card not present environment” we have hundreds of transactions daily that flow through our system. Not only does Office Sense offer our members excellent customer service they have minimized our chargebacks and put more money back in our business. Thank you to the entire staff!

    Salima S.
    Salima S.
  • We never imagined that using an answering service could be so good for business. We’ve been able to grow month over month while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction. You are truly a partner that we can grow with. Starry Road Catering.

    Louise H.
    Louise H.
  • Office Sense has truly transformed my work-life. As a real estate agent, I now have more time for my clients and myself because Office Sense takes care of appointment scheduling, message taking and lead qualification while I get to focus on my current and “good fit” potential clients.

    Christina S.
    Christina S.

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What are you waiting for? Monthly plans
starting at $79. No contract required.

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